Monday, October 13, 2014

What are some tips On Filing A Successful Personal Injury Claim in Arizona?

There are many factors that come into play in regards to a successful personal injury claim in Arizona. Below are just a few factors that are involved.

Document all elements of your claim:

Medical > Document injury related symptoms and complaints within close proximity of the injury inducing event.

This means going to a medical provider as soon as is possible/necessary and verbalizing every single injury complaint that you are experiencing since the event.

Avoid large gaps in treatment (the more time between treatment, the harder to prove a causal connection to the event). Don’t over treat – if treatment is dragging and you’re not improving, ask for/seek a second opinion.

Lost Wages > Document time missed from work because of injuries and/or treatment. Document it with HR/Payroll. Tell your doctors what kind of work you do and why you can’t do it.

Provide notes from doctors to give to your employer. Keep pay stubs. Document if using sick/vacation time because you’re too injured to work.

Out of Pocket Expenses > Document all expenses incurred because the injury inducing event.