Thursday, October 30, 2014

Almost 40,000 lives have been saved by frontal airbags. Are they really as dangerous as some think?

According to the NHTSA, nearly 40,000 lives have been saved due to airbags. This accounts for data that stretches from the 1980's up until 2012. 

There has been an increase in airbag recalls in recent years, but overall, airbags have saved many….many lives.

We compiled a few tips on how to stay safe while you are driving. 

These tips are meant to minimize any potential dangers that airbags may pose for a driver
that is involved in a car accident.

How can you ensure that you will be safe while you are driving and even safer if your airbag deploys?

- Always wear your seat-belt. It's meant to keep you safe. Why wouldn't you wear it.

- Don't get too close to the steering wheel while driving. Some issues arise when shorter drivers are forced to move up closer to reach the pedals to drive. In turn, they are closer to the steering wheel. Try to stay 10 inches away from the steering wheel if possible. 

- Children under 12 should be sitting in the back seat and restrained appropriately for their age.

- Make sure you read your owner's manual. You want to be safe in all possible situations.

Make sure you use common sense when you are behind the wheel. Yes. Airbags do save lives. The data shows. But, they can also cause injury to those who are sitting too close to the steering wheel. 

Drive safe and drive smart!