Thursday, August 21, 2014

When a Lawsuit is Filed How Can A Personal Injury Attorney Speed the Case Along?

There are inherent court related deadlines in litigating a personal injury claim. These include deadlines by which to file an answer; deadlines by which to exchange initial disclosure statements.

In arbitration's, there are deadlines by which to conduct the arbitration hearing. In trials, there are deadlines by which one must certify being ready for trial.

 In trial, the parties propose a scheduling order approved by the judge, which sets out deadlines for all steps leading up to trial (deadlines to disclose expert and no-expert opinions, deadlines to propound discovery requests, deadlines by which to complete depositions and/or discovery, etc.).

A plaintiff’s attorney can try and meet of these deadlines so as to not have to ask for any extensions from opposing counsel.

Of course, meeting one’s deadlines will not prevent opposing counsel from asking for extensions (which they often do)

In litigation, the plaintiff is an active participant; answering written questions, making themselves available for deposition, etc. Prompt responses by the plaintiff can help speed along the process as well