Monday, August 11, 2014

How do I get compensation from airbag burns and injuries sustained after a car accident?

Since the 70's, automobile manufacturers have been building and installing airbags in all vehicles on the road.

The automobile industry has determined that the presence of airbags and the safety features provided by your bags outweigh the option of not having any airbags in a vehicle.

However, that does not mean that there cannot be airbag liability. 

Did the airbag deployed in the manner both designed and intended by the automobile manufacturer? How serious are the injuries? Had the airbag operating properly, what would have occurred?

What about air-bag burn injuries? Many people don't think about being burned by air-bags, but it happens more often than people think.

These are all very important questions to ask in deciding whether to bring a claim against an airbag manufacturer. As you might guess, their manufacturers do not make it easy.

Often times they defend with all the resources and finances they have to prove that they did nothing wrong.

Claims against automobile manufacturers are very expensive, so whatever injuries to your cleaning must be pretty significant just by the expense of the litigation.

If you think you might have a claim against an airbag manufacturer, do not hesitate to seek the advice and counsel of an experienced "products liability" attorney who specializes in auto manufacturing and/or airbag claims.