Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My wife was in an accident that was not her fault and the air bags did not deploy. Do I have a case?

Answer: That depends. Airbags are designed to go off in frontal collisions at minimum designated speeds. Also, a vehicle has sensors spread across (under) its front bumper and often more than one sensor needs to be triggered for airbags to deploy. Based on this, there are many front end type of collisions in which an airbag might not deploy. Front end collisions with a pole or tree might not trigger enough sensors. Initial rear-end or side impact collisions that result in secondary front end collisions might not involve a high enough speed in the secondary frontal impact to deploy an airbag.

If an airbag doesn’t deploy, were you belted and/or how severe are your injuries? Unbelted individuals can potentially be seriously injured or even killed by deploying airbags. On the other hand, defective airbag cases are very expert intensive (which means expensive). They are often manufactured out of the country and can involve multiple entities. As such, a plaintiff typically has to have an injury claim worth at least $500,000.00 if not $1,000,000.00 to warrant pursuit of a defective airbag claim.

Car accidents can be very complex. Injuries caused by a manufacturers defect can even be more complex. Make sure you have the right personal injury law firm representing you. Experience is key. The outcome of your case will depend on what your law firm can do for you.